Tim Parker Real Estate Agent

A top browser bar for a website
A top browser bar for a website
About This Project

This real estate agent website was designed to showcase the property listings of the agent, the features of each neighbourhood in which the properties are located and important information about the agent’s experience. 

We used sliding hero pages, motion effects and animations, optimised images and videos, contact forms, navigation buttons and many more.

Key Features
Multiple Pages
This project has over 10 pages excluding home page, contact page and 404 Page.
Individual Property Page
We created an individual property page for every property listed on the website, which includes all the necessary information for the potential clients (Property Description, Floor Plans, Details, Facilities ).
High Speed & Optimisation
Good usability is ensured by properly optimising the images, videos and the rest of the content included.
SEO Optimised
Our websites include Google & Bing Integrations, Google Analytics, Google My Business and other important SEO details for your business.
Responsive Design
We designed it to offer a great user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Motion & Animation Effects
Multiple animations and motion effects were used in order to highlight the content in an unique and innovative way.

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